Zero Percent Chance is the fourth studio album from American-recording artist, Aluma Irika. It was released on April 27, 1992. Irika stated in her autobiography, A.I., that Zero Percent Chance was her favorite album of the 21 studio albums that she has released. The album debuted and peaked at #2 in the US, and also received critical acclaim for its unique production style, with many critics noting its similarities to 1980's disco music and Madonna music.

The album included 3 commercially successful singles: "Who's Up for a Dance?", "Riding the Carousel", & "Fighting in the Dark", the first two of which were #1 in the US. Irika released a promotional single in the UK, titled "Stretch It Out", where it peaked at #24 on the DT Charts.

Track Listing Edit

Standard Edition Tracks Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "I Can Imagine It" Aluma Irika, Robert Eukany Irika, Eukany 5:16
2. "Fighting in the Dark" Irika, Eukany Irika, Eukany 3:02
3. "Stretch It Out" Irika Irika 3:45
4. "0%" Irika, Eukany Irika, Eukany 4:09
5. "Riding the Carousel" Irika, Eukany Eukany 3:04
6. "Measles and Mumps"  Irika, Eukany Eukany 3:58
7. "Who's Up for a Dance?" Irika, Eukany Eukany 3:59
8. "Whiplash" Irika Irika 4:13
9. "Ice Cold" Irika, Eukany Irika, Eukany 4:07
10. "Bendy Straw" Irika Irika 5:24
11. "Nothing Is Worth It" Irika Irika 3:41
12. "Strap Yourself In Please" Irika, Eukany Eukany 4:36
13. "Men Opause" Irika, Eukany Irika, Eukany 4:00