According to many different rumors and hackings, many critics and fans alike believe that LeAnn Giambi is currently working on a third studio album. Although she is currently writing and producing songs for other artists and releasing a reunion album with her band, The Bread Basketeers, many references and true information have been leaked regarding the album itself.

Hackings Edit

According to multiple reports, a group of hackers stole information from a computer at Onivia International Records which contained confidential information of LeAnn's upcoming third studio album. According to one of the reports, a setlist of songs was typed on a Microsoft Word document titled, "LG Third Album". The setlist contained a grouping of multiple songs, with the most recent one being added on August 11, 2014. Some of the songs were titled:

  • "Austria/Galleria" - LeAnn once talked about a song meant for Sugar Coated called "Austria". Though she never mentioned a song named "Galleria", which was grouped with it.
  • "Come On Baby"
  • "Rumble"

According to a second report, there was a song titled:

  • "PSW" - LeAnn mentioned in a blog about a song meant for her debut studio album called "Pint-Sized World". These two songs have similar wording and could be the same thing.

Controversy Edit

LeAnn later spoke up about this subject while on the Onivia original series, Press Conference. In it, she references this list and says "(it) was stolen from my computer and (I) plan to get to the bottom of this and find out who leaked it. Yes, I'm considering a third (album) and these were some songs I wrote for it, but it's not a 'for-sure' thing."