Track Listing Edit

Standard Edition Tracks Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Fighting in the Dark" Aluma Irika, Robert Eukany Irika, Eukany 3:02
2. "Cherry on Top" Irika, Donna "Dot" Adams Irika 3:27
3. "Chimpanzees" Irika Irika 4:55
4. "Wasting Time" Irika, Fernando Hans Hans 3:19
5. "Freaky" Irika, LeAnn Giambi, Devaud Devaud 3:36
6. "Negative Sexual Attention"  Irika Irika 3:35
7. "Ghost in the Closet" Irika, Eukany Eukany 3:14
8. "Who's Up for a Dance?" Irika, Eukany Eukany 3:59
9. "Welcome to Terminal One" Irika, Adam Mustav Irika 7:10
10. "Funky Beats" Irika, Hans Irika, Hans 4:14
11. "Crack the Whip" Irika Irika 3:55
12. "10 Years Later" Irika Irika 3:41
13. "Movies and Fiction" Irika, John "Johnson" Myers, Raymond Myers II Myers, Myers II 2:59
14. "Riding the Carousel" Irika, Eukany Eukany 3:04
15. "Gigantic" Irika Irika 4:15
16. "Stuck in the Ocean '00" Irika, Hans Hans 2:19
17. "Show Business Babies" Irika, Hans Hans 4:17
18. "Songs About Falling in Love" Irika, Myers, Myers II, Lisa Mankingstom, Robe Pryce Myers, Myers II, Pryce 3:26
19. "I See Clouds" Irika, Myers II Myers II 3:04
20. "What Would I Do Without You?" Mankingstom, Pryce Pryce 3:49

Deluxe Edition Tracks Edit






21. "Entrepreneur" (Edited Version) Irika Irika 3:52
22. "Glittery Mess" Irika Irika 2:51
23. "My Dearest Loved Ones" Irika Irika 4:42
24. "For A Girl" Irika Irika 4:35

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