Critical reception Edit

Critically, the album received mixed to negative reviews from critics. @Zach gave the album 49/100, which signifies "Average". In his review, he stated: "Kaline's next attempt isn't as creative or unique as her debut, but it puts her on par with the other artists who are on the charts today." He also said: "With LeAnn Giambi as the executive producer of the album, you'd think it'd be a bit better than the end result."

In Christine Manka's review of the album, she stated: "It's a shame that Kaline 'dumbed' down her profile to cater to today's people. This album proves that the quality of music doesn't matter anymore. Highlights: "Bathtub", "Ghost Bride", and "Art Deco Hotel". Nadirs: "Water Tower", "The Vineyard", and "Surprise, Surprise"." She ultimately gave the album 2/5 stars, further adding: "Giambi's creative control, Devaud's production skills, and Kaline's laid back vocals don't mix in this album. The only thing worth mentioning from this album is "Art Deco Hotel", and the provocative pictures of Kaline in the cover book."

Track Listing: Edit

Standard Edition Tracks Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "What a Life" LeAnn Giambi, Suzanne Kaline Giambi 4:01
2. "Bathtub" Giambi, Kaline Giambi 3:54
3. "Meadows of Mirrors" Giambi, Kaline, Devaud, Alyssa Nylie-Simon Giambi, Nylie-Simon, Devaud 3:37
4. "Sack It" Giambi, Kaline, Devaud Giambi, Devaud 4:04
5. "Well" Giambi Giambi 5:26
6. "Turquoise Lovers" Giambi, Kaline Giambi 3:35
7. "Water Tower" Giambi, Kaline, Devaud Giambi, Devaud 3:03
8. "Red Wine" Giambi, Kaline Giambi 3:59
9. "The Vineyard" Kaline Kaline 2:34
10. "Ghost Bride" Giambi, Devaud Giambi, Devaud 4:11
11. "Art Deco Hotel" Giambi, Kaline, Devaud, Nylie-Simon, Alexandra Burch, Samuel Loch, Anastasia Frances II Giambi, Nylie-Simon, Devaud 5:08
12. "Super Disco" Giambi, Kaline Giambi 3:34
13. "Surprise, Surprise" Giambi, Kaline Giambi 3:12