The All-Original Aluma Irika is the 20th studio album by American recording artist, Aluma Irika. It marks her comeback to the music industry after enduring a five year hiatus. The album consists of 11 newly written songs and a second disc, entirely consisted of previously unreleased material. The album sparked 4 singles, including the #1 hit, "Freaky", featured LeAnn Giambi.

The album's songs were written between 1985 and 2014, spanning a 30-year gap.

Critical ReceptionEdit

The album received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Christina LaPoz from @Zach gave the album 3/5, stating: "The album is worth the wait, but most fans and critics alike might've expected a bit more."

Track Listing Edit

Standard Edition Tracks Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro" Aluma Irika, Devaud Devaud 1:12
2. "Back" Irika Irika 3:27
3. "Welcome Home" Irika Irika 4:55
4. "Dinner" Irika Irika 3:19
5. "Freaky" (featuring LeAnn Giambi) Irika, LeAnn Giambi Irika, Giambi 3:36
6. "Buns"  Irika, Giambi Irika, Giambi 3:35
7. "Talking to You" Irika, Devaud Irika, Devaud 3:14
8. "Disco Jazz" (featuring Devaud) Irika, Devaud Irika, Devaud 3:59
9. "Basket Weavers" Irika Irika 7:10
10. "Sheets" Giambi Giambi 4:14
11. "Remembering You" Irika Irika 3:55






12. "Halfway There" (The Sky; 1991) Irika Devaud 2:56
13. "Did You Try?" (Welcome to My Life; 1995) Irika Irika 3:46
14. "Daffodils" (Flower Dress; 1988) Irika Irika 4:59
15. "Meatballs and Gravy" (Baggage Claim; 2005) Irika Irika 3:01
16. "Half a Glass Full" (A Full Glass of Root Beer; 1999) Irika Irika 3:55
17. "What'cha Doing?" (3 Eyes; 2008) Irika Irika 3:34
18. "My POV" (Pure Beauty; 2007) Irika Irika 3:07
19. "Mother and Father Swing" (For My Parents; 1985) Irika Irika 1:54
20. "Push Me Down, Pick Me Up" (Neon Sign; 2006) Irika Irika 5:02
21. "Live from Miami" (The Oasis Experience; 2000) Irika Irika 8:17