Red Elephant is the debut EP by American recording artist, LeAnn. Originally intended to be a studio album, the plans changed after LeAnn Giambi cut back on recording sessions due to her graduating college and the delayed signing of her to a major record company. The extended play contains 8 songs, plus 3 extra songs on the deluxe edition. It debuted at #91 on the DT 202, but peaked at #84 the following week.

Background Edit

LeAnn Giambi and her ex-boyfriend from college who remain friends, collaborated on an idea to make a debut album for her. She spent seven weeks recording 30 songs for her album, ultimately picking 11 of them to be included on the final cut. The album is described by LeAnn as "outtakes from studio sessions, plus mastered tracks that were intended for my debut album". The track, "Close Up", has a hook that is briefly mentioned in LeAnn's third single, "My Heart Beats". Her track, "Yodel", is described as "my favorite [song] from Red Elephant. It's fun, it's different, and it's all mine." Originally intended to be released as a single, "Red Elephant" was released simultaneously with the EP, and was met with positive reviews.

Critical Reception Edit

Though the album was not hugely successful when it was originally released, it did receive a mostly negative reviews from DT Ratings. The site gave the album 47/100, stating: "Though LeAnn Giambi has the potential to mix up today's artists, her debut material is somewhat bland and contains basic production with a god-awful yodeling track." In particular, the tracks "Mr. Biceps" and "Yodel" received the most amount of negative reviews. In late 2014 when the album was re-discovered, the album received 64/100 from DT Ratings, with most reviewers nothing the similarities between her debut album, LeAnn, along with her second single, "Yellow Man", and this particular album.

Track Listing Edit

Standard Edition Tracks Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Christmas Cookies" LeAnn Giambi, Reynold "The Funk" Adams-Smith The Funk 3:04
2. "Red Elephant" Giambi Giambi 4:11
3. "Nightclub Scene" Giambi, The Funk The Funk 2:40
4. "Mr. Biceps" Giambi, The Funk The Funk 3:56
5. "Yodel" Giambi, The Funk, Adam Simons, Jr. Adam Simons, Jr. 4:58
6. "Wrapped in Best" Giambi Giambi 2:53
7. "Close Up" Giambi, The Funk The Funk 3:31
8. "Price Tag" Jessica Cornish, Lukasz Gottwald, Claude Kelly, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. Giambi, The Funk 3:44