"Peaches and Me" is the debut album from American-Trinidadian recording artist, Suzanne Kaline. Production of the album begun in early 2013 when she released her debut single, "I'm Fine". At the time, the single sparked critical acclaim due to the strongness of Kaline's vocals. She then announced on Twitter that the name of the album would be "I'm Fine". Production of the album haulted when she married her fiance, Marco Valit. The production resumed in January 2014, when she wrote songs with her friend, LeAnn Giambi, and performed five of them to a live audience at one of Giambi's concerts. The album was eventually retitled after visiting Walt Disney World in March 2014, and visiting a restaurant with a similar title. The album was pre-released digitally on December 16, 2013, before being pre-released to stores on December 19, 2013, and ultimately released on April 7, 2014. A re-release of the album which includes the songs: "Strap Me Down" & "My Theme Song" was released on December 15, 2014.

Critical Response Edit

Most critics gave the album a positive review. @Zach gave the album 70/100, stating: "Though Kaline uses many of the same writers and producers that her friend [LeAnn] used, her music is strikingly different and is pretty catchy." When @Zach re-scored the album for it's re-release, he gave the album 71/100.

Christine Manka, of Rockin' Music, said the following: "Kaline has proved that she and her counterpart [LeAnn] are popping up in music everywhere. Some of the songs need some work, but this album is a pretty solid pop record. Highlights: "I'm Fine" and "Everyday I Cry", Nadirs: "Peaches and Cream" and "Party Like a Boss"." When Manka provided a review for her re-released, she added "My Theme Song" to the highlights.

Track Listing:Edit

Standard Edition TracksEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "I'm Fine" Devaud, Brian Hobbs, Suzanne Kaline Devaud 5:12
2. "Peaches and Cream" Devaud, Hobbs, Kaline Devaud 4:14
3. "Slow-Kiss" (featuring LeAnn Giambi) LeAnn Giambi Giambi, Kaline 3:55
4. "Another Broken Promise" Alyssa Nylie-Simon, Hobbs, Kaline Nylie-Simon, Kaline 4:36
5. "Glowing" Nylie-Simon, Giambi, Kaline Nylie-Simon, Giambi, Kaline 3:01
6. "Clap" Devaud Devaud 3:35
7. "Caved In" Devaud Devaud 3:03
8. "Everyday I Cry" Giambi, Kaline Devaud, Giambi 3:48
9. "Shallow Me" Devaud, Kaline Kaline 3:06
10. "Party Like a Boss" Devaud, Kaline Devaud, Giambi 4:11
11. "Lovely Friend" Giambi, Kaline Giambi 2:57

Deluxe Edition Tracks Edit






12. "Strap Me Down" Devaud, Nylie-Simon, Hobbs, Suzanne Kaline Devaud 4:43
13. "My Theme Song" Devaud, Kaline Devaud 4:02