"My Silver Lining" is the debut studio album from American-recording artist, Wendy Sasha II. It is due for release on January 5, 2015. It features the #2 hit in the US, "Mistake Yourself", which features her fellow friend and collaborator, LeAnn Giambi.

Singles Edit

The lead single from the album is "Mistake Yourself", which features her fellow friend, LeAnn Giambi. The song debuted at #23 on the DT 125, before rising to #4 and eventually, #2 the following week.

The song, "I Wanna Try", was eventually written for Suzanne Kaline, but it didn't make the final cut on her debut studio album, Peaches and Me.

Critical Reception Edit

On @Zach, he gave the album 82/100 - critical acclaim. He states: "Sasha's debut album shows us a very personal and tragic view on life, wrapped up in catchy production, expert lyrics, and strong vocals."

Track Listing Edit

Standard Edition Tracks Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro" Wendy Sasha II, Devaud Devaud 1:25
2. "Mistake Yourself" (featuring LeAnn) Sasha II, Devaud, Giambi Giambi 4:11
3. "Piano Bliss" Sasha II, Giambi Devaud 4:12
4. "Heaven" Sasha II, Giambi Devaud 4:08
5. "My Love" Sasha II, Devaud Devaud 3:54
6. "Look Down"  Sasha II Devaud 5:16
7. "All I Have" Sasha II, Giambi, Devaud Devaud 4:35
8. "Standing Alone" Sasha II, Giambi Devaud 4:42
9. "If Only She Knew" Sasha II, Giambi Devaud 4:49
10. "The World" Sasha II Devaud 4:02
11. "A Promise is a Promise" Sasha II, Giambi, Devaud Devaud 3:53
12. "I Wanna Try" Sasha II, Giambi, Suzanne Kaline Devaud 3:11
13. "Angel at Heart" Sasha II, Devaud Devaud 4:57