LeAnn Renaé Giambi is an American singer/songwriter, actress, television personality, and author from Duluth, Minnesota, USA. She entered the music scene in 2000 with her musical band, The Bread Basketeers, and their debut single, "We Come Off", which was commercially successful. During her run with the band before their breakup in 2006, they had 18 consecutive number-one singles in the US, including "Hey Misters", "Singing in the Showers", "Mega", "Electric Elevator", and "We Leave You Alone".

In 2010, Giambi released a solo EP, Red Elephant, which was commercially unsuccessful. In November 2013, Giambi released her successful debut single, "Wisdom", from her eponymous debut album, LeAnn. The album included hit singles, "Yellow Man", "My Heart Beats", and "Hello... My Name Is". Seven months later, she released her second studio album, Sugar Coated, which was extremely successful and included record-breaking singles, such as "Layin' on the Beach" and "Diamond". Along with The Bread Basketeers, she has a combined total of 27 number-one singles in the United States, the most of any artist and group.

Despite her numerous musical appearances, Giambi also joined the hit television series, Best Enemies, with her ex-husband, David Laine-McCormick in January 2013. She has also written episodes for television series, such as Bags and Paralyzed.

Early Life (1986 - 1998: Birth and separation from parents) Edit

Giambi was born on March 28, 1986 to John Leonardo Giambi and Emily Renaé Christenson. She was the seventh of ten children. In a personal interview in Zach from @Zach, she says that she and her older sister, Coral, refuse to communicate to each other over personal differences. On multiple occasions, she has stated that she has 8 siblings, purposely leaving out Coral.

In 1997, when her mother, Emily, was under media attention for various reasons, she sent LeAnn and her younger brother, Elijah, to live with Emily's sister in Bloomington, Minnesota. LeAnn saw her parents on a limited basis until her graduation from high school in 2004. She did not reveal to the public who her parents really were until 2013.

High School (1999 - 2006: The Bread Basketeers, commercial success, and "Electric Elevator") Edit

On November 16, 2015, Giambi announced that she had been commissioned to record 16 tracks for an upcoming soundtrack to a biographical movie about Madonna. She was also commissioned earlier that month to record songs for a soundtrack to an unknown upcoming movie.