Ko Olina is the third EP album by American recording artist, LeAnn. It features four unreleased tracks that she recorded during the sessions for her second studio album, Sugar Coated. LeAnn stated that after writing and recording the demos for the tracks, she knew they wouldn't make the final cut for Sugar Coated.

LeAnn explained that the original title for the album would be Tropico, but she thought it was too similar to that of Lana Del Rey's short film. She later renamed the album, Hawai'i, before naming it after her favorite town in Oahu, Ko Olina.

Critical Reception Edit

Upon release, K.O. received critical acclaim. Many critics noted Irika's strong vocals and highlighted the songs: "Early Winter" and "Airport". At @Zach, the album received a rare 90/100, signifying universal acclaim. Zach from @Zach gave the album itself 5/5, saying "Giambi has bounced back from the lukewarm response to Sugar Coated to prove that she already is a major force. Her cover of "Early Winter" is powerful and "Airport" is one of the strongest songs that DT has been exposed to.

Songs Edit

Giambi stated that her upcoming EP would consist of at least one single, because she thought the songs on the album were extremely "deep".

"Early Winter" is a song written Gwen Stefani and Tim Rice-Oxley. Though it is a cover. Giambi added her own verse into the song, bringing the song to an unusual three verses.

"Airport" is a song written in its entirety by Giambi. Giambi herself, says that airports are extremely sentimental to her: "You know, my uncle died at an airport of a heart attack. He's never flown anywhere before, [and] he was so excited. My fiancee before David [Laine-McCormick] dumped me at an airport after we got off the plane from a trip to Paris. In addition to that, David and I agreed on divorcing on an airplane. So, so many things happen at airports and airplanes in general. I don't know how I could make this song any more personal..."

"Hawai'i" is a song written by Giambi as well. Devaud helped her write the original song, but LeAnn says that she scrapped the part he wrote to make the song more intimate. Lyrically, the song talks about a place of haven and peace.

"Flash Flood" is a song played on the piano. Lyrically, the song discusses a woman's last words to her loved ones. Giambi stated that the song makes her cry, and it pays homage to her lost loved ones.

On the deluxe edition of the album, "Disco", a track written by Devaud and Giambi, features an EDM-influenced track, with multiple synthesizers in it.

Track Listing Edit

  1. "Early Winter"
  2. "Airport"
  3. "Hawai'i"
  4. "Flash Flood"
  5. "Disco" (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)