Kill the Bitch! is the 22nd studio album by American-recording artist, Aluma Irika. It is to be released on April 6, 2015.

Critical reception Edit

Upon release, Kill the Bitch! received universally positive reviews from critics, who deemed it, a 'return to form' for Irika. On @Zach, it received 87/100, Irika's highest score since 2000's The Oasis Experience, which was her 11th studio album. It also received 87/100. Christine Manka gave the album 4.5/5 stars, stating: "The sequel to Irika's Rehearsed is a masterpiece of audio, something that is overdue considering Irika's previous works. Kill the Bitch! may be a slam to Irika's superior, but is she the one laughing now? Highlights: "New Beginning", "Prime Backlash", "Virtual World", and "8". Nadirs: "Fat Denz on TV" and "Change".

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "New Beginning" Aluma Irika Irika 4:05
2. "Fat Denz on TV" Irika Irika 4:41
3. "Prime Backlash" Irika Irika 5:02
4. "Kill the Bitch!" Irika Irika 4:33
5. "You Make Me Bleed" Irika Irika 4:55
6. "Error" Irika Irika 4:00
7. "Im Nin'Alu (Isaac)" LeAnn Giambi, Madonna Ciccone, Stuart Price Giambi 8:12
8. "Change" Irika Irika 3:56
9. "Small World" Irika Irika 5:16
10. "Virtual World" Irika Irika 5:58
11. "8" Irika Irika 7:19