"Denial" is a song by American-recording artist, LeAnn Giambi. It was unexpectedly released on April 11, 2015. It features singers, Samantha Wald and Wendy Sasha II. "Denial" is primarily a pop song with elements of R&B and rap music. It is unknown whether or not it will be released on any future albums by LeAnn, or Wald or Sasha II.

Critical reception Edit

Upon release, "Denial" received critical acclaim from music reviewers. @Zach gave the song 5/5 stars, stating: "Whether or not this is LeAnn's attempt at grilling [Aluma Irika], it works." Many critics noted the lyrical similarities slamming previous collaborator, Aluma Irika. Previously, Giambi stated that she was working on a 'diss' track against her, and many believe this is the song.

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