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Best Enemies
Genre Reality
Starring *Emma Carlson
(season 1-present)
  • Bryan Louche
    (season 1-present)
  • LeAnn Giambi
    (season 2-present)
  • Suzanne Kaline
    (season 2-present)
  • Janice Morgan
    (season 3-present)
  • Adam Lenei
    (season 4-present)
  • John Jay Di-Mage
    (season 4-present)
  • Raymond Shepty
    (season 4-present)
  • Laura Shepty
    (season 4-present)
  • Former Enemies----
  • David Laine-McCormick
    (season 1)
  • Tom Drenick
    (season 2)
  • Charri Thompson
    (season 2)
  • Marco Valit
    (season 2-3)
  • Woodham Lenei
    (season 3)
  • Devaud Antiguái
    (season 3)
Country of origin United States
Originallanguage(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 61
Executiveproducer(s) *Devaud Antiguai
Running time 44 minutes
Productioncompany(s) DT Productions, a sub-division of Onivia
Original channel Onivia
Picture format 480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)

Original run August 1, 2012 – present

Or sometimes known as Best Enemies: Minnesota. Best Enemies is a US-based reality TV show that airs on Onivia. The show was the first in the Best Enemies franchise. The second being Best Enemies: Las Vegas and the third being Best Enemies: Clubhouse!Best Enemies: Las Vegas was confirmed for a second season, but has yet to air. There was supposed to be a fourth-coming series titled Best Enemies: Shopping Gals, which was later retitled, Goin' South.


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Current enemies[edit]Edit

Emma Carlson[edit]Edit

Bryan Louche[edit]Edit

LeAnn Giambi[edit]Edit

Suzanne Kaline[edit]Edit

Janice Morgan[edit]Edit

Laura Anderson[edit]Edit

Raymond Shepty[edit]Edit

Adam Lenei[edit]Edit

John Jay Di'Mage[edit]Edit

Former enemies[edit]Edit

David Laine-McCormick[edit]Edit

Charri Thompson[edit]Edit

Tom Drenick[edit]Edit

Marco Valit[edit]Edit

Woodham Lenei[edit]Edit

Deváud Antiguai Jr.[edit]Edit

Enemy history[edit]Edit

Best Enemies Seasons
1 2 3 4
Emma Carlson Main
Bryan Louche Main
LeAnn Giambi Main
Suzanne Valit neé Kaline Main
Janice Morgan Main
Adam Lenei Main
Raymond Shepty Appearance Main
John Jay DiMage Appearance Main
Laura Shepty Recurrring Main
Woodham Lenei Appearance Main Recurrring
David Laine-McCormick Main Recurrring
Marco Valit Main
Tom Drenick Main
Charri Thompson Main
Devaud Antiguái Recurring Main

Season Six Delays[edit]Edit

In December 2013, Onivia announced a sixth season for Best Enemies to air in early 2015, as Onivia airs two seasons of the show each year. Due to LeAnn Giambi's success in the music industry, she announced that she may not be able to film a sixth season because it would interfere for a world tour she planned in the following year, it would also reduce the amount of promotional parties she could appear at for the show. Because of the fact that many people watch Best Enemies due to the fact that LeAnn stars in it, Onivia announced on March 2, 2014 that Best Enemies' Season Six would start filming immediately in April 2014 and air in July 2015 instead.

Season Viewcounts[edit]Edit

Season Average viewcount (in millions)
1 1.386
2 2.621
3 2.608
4 3.837 (In progress)

^The bold indicated the highest viewed season.


Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale Reunion
1 6 August 1, 2012 August 31, 2012 August 22, 2012

August 29, 2012

2 17 January 23, 2013 May 1, 2013 April 10, 2013

April 17, 2013 April 24, 2013

3 22 June 5, 2013 November 20, 2013 October 30, 2013

November 6, 2013 November 13, 2013

4 35 December 25, 2013 June 4, 2014 May 13, 2014

May 14, 2014 May 20, 2014 May 21, 2014

5 29 June 2014 December 2014 TBA
6 TBA July 2015 January 2016 TBA

Episode Guide[edit]Edit

Season One (2012)[edit]Edit

The debut season was originally a mid-season replacement for the Onivia original sitcom, The Old and the Ugly, which went on hiatus two weeks before the series aired. Season one averaged 1.386 million views for the total of 6 episodes. This met the 1.250 million view average, needed to air for another season for any show on Onivia.

No. Ep Title Original Air Date US Viewers (million)
1 1 "How to Ruin a Party in 10 Minutes" August 1, 2012 1.936
David throws an Olympic-themed party and invites Emma, who tries to ruin his night. Bryan goes to a bachelor party, but when he arrives, tensions fly when he learns that John doesn't want him there. David & Emma are introduced.
2 2 "Right Down Minnetonka Lane" August 8, 2012 1.207
In the aftermath of David's party, Emma meets for lunch with him but leaves abruptly when Bryan is brought up. Meanwhile, Bryan parties in Las Vegas with John not by his side. Bryan is introduced.
3 3 "Forgiveness Equals Nothing" August 15, 2012 1.006
Emma tells Bryan what she thinks of him while David gets a surprising text from Emma.
4 4 "The Secret Sit-Down (Part 1)" August 22, 2012 1.688
Emma and David are both unaware that they are about to meet to talk about the season. The show's drama and mishaps are brought up on this live event.
5 5 "Don't Bring Up the Past (Part 2)" August 29, 2012 1.490
Emma reveals something about David that no one thought was coming. The show's drama and mishaps are brought up on this live event.
6 6 "The Lost Footage" August 31, 2012 0.988
Events that didn't make the season are shown now.

Season Two (2013)[edit]Edit

Season two made a big change with 2 of the past season's enemies plus 5 new enemies. Season 2 was originally supposed to air 15 episodes, 3 reunion specials, and 1 lost footage special (A total of 19 episodes instead of 17). 2 of the episodes were delayed until Season 3 when producers thought episode 13 should be the last normal episode to air so the season would end on a better foot.

No. Ep Title Original Air Date US Viewers (million)
7 1 "Very Awkward Drama" January 23, 2013 2.789
David's departure from the show shocks Emma and LeAnn, his ex-wife who is now part of the cast. Tom talks about being a model and adopting a child. Also, LeAnn starts a makeup line. David leaves the show because LeAnn is not the same person that she used to be and they're getting a divorce. Tom, Charri, & LeAnn are introduced. David departs.
8 2 "Play the Game, Plan the Party" January 23, 2013 2.789
Emma throws a party to show off her new lake-home renovation, but LeAnn and David are both invited. Tom gets singing lessons from David. Charri goes to her restaurant in San Francisco and is surprised to see something. Charri and Suzanne already know each other from a past social event. Suzanne is introduced.
9 3 "Breaking News" February 6, 2013 2.364
Emma's party is shown on the local news for the wrong reasons. LeAnn starts a handbag line and a rumor in the paper about David's new lover. Tom goes shoe shopping and spends thousands of dollars for one pair of shoes. Suzanne cuts the ribbon to a brand-new shopping mall which she partially built.
10 4 "Getty Up Emma" February 13, 2013 2.299
LeAnn hosts a party in Las Vegas where they go bull-riding. Tom wants to make a debut album. Emma and Suzanne meet for lunch where they talk about who to trust. David runs into LeAnn in Las Vegas. After Charri arrives in Las Vegas 1-day late, LeAnn feels as if Charri was disrespectful to her.
11 5 "Live at Recording Studio" February 20, 2013 2.126
Tom starts recording his debut album, but David is unsure about the whole thing. LeAnn returns from Las Vegas early after she has a fight with Charri at a restaurant. David meets with a popular TV-show producer so they can discuss if he will get his own talk-show. Marco and Bryan go out searching for party goods. Marco is introduced.
12 6 "Early Grey" February 27, 2013 2.349
Tom and Bryan start a teabag company with a selection homemade herbal teas. LeAnn is asked to stop buy and check out the company, but she might have messed up the business by what she did. David and Emma reunite for Lunch and are surprised that they haven't fought until a certain someone stops buy who they were not expecting. Marco and Suzanne reveal that they have been dating for over two years. Marco also goes on a local talk show to support David and talk about his past and future.
13 7 "Liar, Liar, I am Higher" March 3, 2013 2.019
Charri and LeAnn meet for breakfast at a local restaurant where they talk about the Vegas drama. LeAnn reveals something shocking. Charri publicly shames LeAnn. Marco and David talk about the company's future and Marco's issue with Suzanne. Suzanne, Emma, Laura, and Charri, go to a day-spa and get pampered, but when LeAnn hears she wasn't invited, she creates a rude blog post to get back at them. Tom throws a party for his dog with the help of Bryan. Note: This episode was supposed to air on March 2nd.
14 8 "A Dip Into the Marriage Pond" March 6, 2013 2.893
After Marco did some 'serious' shopping at a certain store, he makes a big move. LeAnn tries to ruin the big move by delaying the action that takes place. Suzanne throws a trip for everyone but doesn't invite LeAnn because she wasn't invited to Las Vegas. David's birthday is celebrated and Emma learns shocking news about her uncle. LeAnn and Laura plot revenge against the ladies.
15 9 "Rise of the Maternity Tests" March 13, 2013 3.095
LeAnn takes a maternity test. David invites everyone including LeAnn to a tennis match at Emma's lakehouse. Marco and Suzanne visit a doctor to see something important. Laura strips naked in front of Marco and Suzanne reacts. LeAnn videotapes the footage and puts it on a very popular website. Lastly, Tom visits a winery to see if he should expand his business to wine.
16 10 "A Whole New Look at Things" March 17, 2013 2.057
Suzanne's Los Cabos trip makes a turn for the worst when 2 ladies show up who were not invited. Suzanne is forced to decide if they will stay or not. Emma feels as if she needs to throw an intervention in LeAnn's favor. Tom, David, Marco, and Bryan leave the ladies to their drama and set off for a guy's weekend at a bar near the villa. Suzanne realizes something about LeAnn.
17 11 "Vacation Virgin" March 20, 2013 2.382
LeAnn invades the other's privacy when asking very personal questions to not just the ladies, but also the men. Charri feels too uncomfortable with LeAnn in the room. Laura walks in to a room where she was not invited... LeAnn tells the ladies about something that happened not too long ago and David finds out about it. David reacts surprisingly.
18 12 "Diamonds, Jewels, and Pearls" March 27, 2013 2.067
The enemies arrive back in Minnesota, just in time for Christmas Eve. Emma gets dumped by her current boyfriend and has no where to stay for Christmas. David goes last minute Christmas shopping with Bryan and Tom, while LeAnn starts a web series on things she hates. Suzanne talks about throwing a New Year's party.Note: This episode was originally thought to air before 'Vacation Virgin', but that was found to be untrue.
19 13 "I Remember You" April 3, 2013 3.177
Suzanne invites all the enemies, David, and Laura to a New Year's party which makes a turn for the worst. Bryan recognizes one of the men that Suzanne invited to the party. All of them pitch in with the help of David to make a music video to the theme of a song that Suzanne sang a long time ago. LeAnn takes up legal action with David at the party. Note: This is a 2-hour long episode special.
20 14 "Reunion, Part One" April 10, 2013 3.691
In part one of the reunion, LeAnn and Charri pick a fight while Suzanne and Marco talk about future plans. Charri talks about her restraining order with Laura. Some of the enemies admit that they won't stick around for the third season.
21 15 "Reunion, Part Two" April 17, 2013 4.078
In part two of the reunion, David is invited to share his story but can't when LeAnn continues to interrupt him and even more!
22 16 "Reunion, Part Three" April 24, 2013 2.906
Highlights of the season and festive drama highlight the finale of the drama-filled, three-part reunion.
23 17 "The Lost Footage" May 1, 2013 1.473
The footage that didn't make the season is full of drama.

Season Three (2013)[edit]Edit

One of the episodes in Season 3 include LeAnn and David being on Judge Judy. LeAnn tweeted about the episode and said that the footage would only air on Best Enemies, not Judge Judy due to time restraints and third party claims. The three episodes listed were originally supposed to air in place of the reunion. When a fan asked LeAnn what would be her favorite episode in Season 3, she said "By far, it's 'You're Very Disrespectful' It's hilarious."

No. Ep Title Original Air Date US Viewers (million)
24 1 "Lick the Bowl Clean" June 5, 2013 2.574
Woodham throws a party and invites the enemies and their dogs. Charri takes offense to a comment that Woodham made. LeAnn and Woodham go to a gay pride parade. Bryan and Marco go to a bar that just opened. LeAnn sends papers to David claiming that he will be sued. They work it out but end up being on Judge Judy. Suzanne's friend, Janice starts to pick a fight with Woodham. Woodham & Janice are introduced. Charri & Tom depart. Note: This was one of the two episodes that were unaired in Season Two.
25 2 "Don't Judge" June 12, 2013 3.951
LeAnn and David fly to Los Angeles to be on Judge Judy. Marco and Suzanne make wedding plans. A fight will jeopardize their marriage and engagement. LeAnn sends out a series of tweets that shocks her followers. Note: This was other of the two episodes that were unaired in Season Two. Charri is invited by David to be in the audience during the court hearing with LeAnn.
26 3 "Double Jury Duty" June 16, 2013 2.664
Parts of the episode that were cut out are shown and sure to amaze, surprise, and amuse. Note: This episode was not planned until Episode 25 was delayed until Season Two.
27 4 "Easy as Pie" June 19, 2013 2.583
Suzanne is invited to a be a guest judge in a popular baking competition. LeAnn heads back from LA with bad news about her financial plans. Marco finds a way to apologize to Suzanne about a past argument. David reopens his past-popular business. Woodham and Charri get into a huge argument that will ruin friendships and alliances. Devaud is introduced.
28 5 "Supercalifornia" June 26, 2013 2.414
Devaud and David run into LeAnn at the grocery store. LeAnn ends up getting escorted out of the store without any purchased goods. Woodham announces to LeAnn about a very public statement. Suzanne invites Emma, LeAnn, Janice, & Woodham to a girl's night out, but the night turns out horribly wrong when Woodham runs into an old enemy.
29 6 "I'm Ready for What You Give Me" July 3, 2013 2.563
Woodham wakes up in a hospital with the girls by her side, except Janice. Janice meets with Woodham for lunch. Bryan and LeAnn hope to settle their differences and move on from the past.
30 7 "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" July 4, 2013 2.112
Devaud throws a trip to Las Vegas and invites the drama-enticing enemies. This episode is part of the 3 Day Best Enemies Event.
31 8 "Preparing for Vegas, Preparing for Death" July 5, 2013 1.993
The enemies prepare for Las Vegas. This episode is part of the 3 Day Best Enemies Event.
32 9 "Can You Mend Something Invisible?" August 21, 2013 2.762
Suzanne feels as if she can never trust Janice again concluding the aftermath of the Las Vegas trip. Suzanne and LeAnn bond after a newfound friendship. Devaud gives shocking news.Note: This episode will air over a month after the last one because the previous three episodes included live portions of the episode.
33 10 "The Grey Loafers" August 28, 2013 3.113
Tom makes an apperance after LeAnn calls him out. Woodham feels like LeAnn is betraying her, so she starts to talk to Suzanne. Bryan tells Suzanne interesting news, which leads to a boat load of trouble. Devaud tells the enemies that a surprise is ahead.
34 11 "Sing Til' You Can't Sing No Mo' (Part 1)" September 4, 2013 3.608
LeAnn, Suzanne, Bryan, Charri, & Devaud start off a giant show, but what is an episode with drama? (Part one of a special)
35 12 "I'll Cut Off Your "You Know What" When You Sing! (Part 2)" September 5, 2013 2.918
LeAnn, Suzanne, Bryan, Charri, & Devaud start off a giant show, but what is an episode with drama? (Part two of a special)
36 13 "You Told Me Too Much!" September 18, 2013 2.786
Woodham, not noting what to do, tells Janice troubling information about LeAnn. Bryan finds out about the information and is awed. Tom stands up for Bryan when LeAnn criticizes him for being fake. Suzanne and Marco plan an after-wedding party and invite all of the enemies. Deváud departs.
37 14 "You're Very Disrespectful!" September 25, 2013 2.801
At Suzanne and Marco's party, Janice, who had a few too many drinks, confronts LeAnn about important information. Laura makes a guest appearance and tells LeAnn what is on her mind. Laura, who also tells Suzanne some shocking news, receives shocking news herself.
38 15 "Tell Me, What's Wrong with That?" October 2, 2013 2.374
39 16 "The Humps" October 9, 2013 2.112
40 17 "Did You Just Say That?" October 16, 2013 2.229
41 18 "Everyone's Done" October 23, 2013 2.134
42 19 "Reunion Part 1" October 30, 2013 2.855
43 20 "Reunion Part 2" November 6, 2013 2.602
44 21 "Reunion Part 3" November 13, 2013 2.437
45 22 "The Lost Footage" November 20, 2013 1.783

Season Four (2013 - 2014)[edit]Edit

The season has been rumored to have 35 episodes. The season was filmed from August 2013 to November 2013. During LeAnn's "ask-me-a-thon", she stated her favorite episode of the season is titled, The Three Blind Idiots.

No. Ep Title Original Air Date US Viewers (million)
46 1 "Album Release Party" December 25, 2013 4.521
LeAnn invites the enemies plus some, to her debut album release party. Suzanne announces her hubby's departure, Laura steps back into the group to cause some drama, and David visits LeAnn to congratulate her. Adam, Laura, & Raymond are introduced. Note: This episode along with episode 2 is reported to have set aside over $200,000 on advertising. These episodes will most likely be the most watched episodes of the series. The episode air date was pushed forward a week due to high demand, even though the episode will air on Christmas.
47 2 "Too Much, Too Little" January 1, 2014 4.609
Laura and Raymond invites the "coupled" enemies to an event in her honor. LeAnn criticizes Laura for a weak attempt. Adam talks to Janice about being disrespectful to his sister in a past season. Charri visits the ladies to tell them of her "fame and success". Note: This episode along with episode 2 is reported to have set aside over $200,000 on advertising. These episodes will most likely be the most watched episodes of the series. "
48 3 "Moo Sick Music" January 1, 2014 4.609
LeAnn and Suzanne compete for the #1 spot in the DT charts. After hearing the places, both women are disappointed. Raymond criticizes LeAnn's words towards Laura, while LeAnn says that nothing even happened.
49 4 "I Told You Once, Not Twice" January 8, 2014 3.823
LeAnn plans a release date for her second single. Janice argues with LeAnn about a comment she made. Raymond and Laura go on a romantic date which gets interrupted when a past enemy joins the picture.
50 5 "The Three Blind Idiots" January 15, 2014 3.479
Laura throws a get-together at her lakehouse and the new enemies get mad when Laura announces the activities and events of the evening. LeAnn backs Laura up after much criticism.
51 6 "Drink Til' You Can't Drink No Mo' (Part 1)" January 22, 2014 3.339
Laura has a bit of an issue at an event that Suzanne and LeAnn planned.
52 7 "People Say I'm Pretty (Part 2)" January 29, 2014 3.417
Laura has a bit of an issue at an event that Suzanne and LeAnn planned.
53 8 "Underwhelmed" January 29, 2014 3.417
Suzanne has an idea that involves Marco and LeAnn. Laura throws a get-together at her cabin, Woodham stirs up some trouble.
54 9 "Believe Me, He's Gay" February 5, 2014 3.281
Janice has an issue with Bryan. Bryan responds oddly.
55 10 "Fooled Me Once..." February 12, 2014 3.244
56 11 "White Noise" February 19, 2014 3.169
LeAnn and Suzanne plan a trip together.
57 12 "Super Stupid Action Time!" February 26, 2014 3.376
The enemies head to a much needed vacation in Hawaii.
58 13 "That Ocean Breeze Though" March 5, 2014 4.718
The enemies head to a much needed vacation in Hawaii.
59 14 "The Dinner Fight of All Dinner Fights" March 5, 2014 4.718
The enemies sit down for a somewhat nice dinner in Hawaii.
60 15 "How to Face the Aftermath" March 12, 2014 4.992
61 16 "We've Returned to Planet Earth" March 19, 2014 4.366
62 17 "Midseason Reunion Part 1" March 23, 2014 3.778
63 18 "Midseason Reunion Part 2" March 24, 2014 3.819
64 19 "Midseason Reunion Part 3" March 25, 2014 3.812
65 20 "Stranger Things Have Happened" March 26, 2014 4.007
66 21 "An Unknown Lifeform" April 2, 2014 3.963
LeAnn films her newest music video for a song on her album and invites all of the enemies to participate. Janice first agrees to this, but later dislikes her role in the video.
67 22 "Why Must We Argue?" April 9, 2014 3.678
68 23 "The Truth Shall Be Told" April 16, 2014 3.540
69 24 "No More Mr. Naughty" April 22, 2014 3.458
70 25 "Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Each Other!" April 23, 2014 3.412
71 26 "Being Blue Beats Being Bad" April 29, 2014 3.330
72 27 "Hawaii is Fi-ne" April 30, 2014 3.267
73 28 "No More Mr. Nice Guy" May 6, 2014 4.927
74 29 "A Slap for Slap-Deserving Sleeze" May 7, 2014 4.989
75 30 "Reunion, Part 1" May 13, 2014 5.001
76 31 "Reunion, Part 2" May 14, 2014 4.448
77 32 "Reunion, Part 3" May 20, 2014 4.237
78 33 "Reunion, Part 4" May 21, 2014
79 34 "Season Four Secrets Revealed" May 28, 2014
80 35 "A Compilation of Crazy, Crafty, and Comedic Friends" Unaired

Season Five (2014)[edit]Edit

The season has been rumored to take place in Florida. A similar style like Jersey Shore. Emma confirmed viaTwitter, "If there's a season five, I'll be in season five!". When the season was confirmed, LeAnn, Raymond, Suzanne, & John all similarly confirmed their rolls via Twitter.

Specials (2012 - present)[edit]Edit

No. Ep Title Original Air Date US Viewers (million)
3a 1 "Unseen Drama" August 16, 2012 0.784
Emma and David's fights throughout the first season have been very entertaining, but we didn't show you all of them. See the rest and more in this special that also shows the extended fight between Bryan and Joe. Also see the hurtful texts that were sent back and forth between Emma and Bryan.
18a 2 "The Mall of America After Party" March 27, 2013 1.569
Ever wonder what the enemies buy when they visit the largest mall in the United States of America? Find out in late March in this extended special. Note: This will be a live special that for the first time, will be about six hours on Onivia. It is intended to draw a huge audience and will be over 6 hours long!
23a 3 "127 Hours Minus 110 Hours" May 8, 2013 1.544
The whole entire reunion is shown in a 17 hour-fashion.
31a 4 "Viva Las Vegas" July 6, 2013 2.103
The enemies go to Las Vegas for a much needed vacation.
45a 5 "It Didn't Stay in Vegas" November 27, 2013 1.349
Never-before seen drama.
45b 6 "Happy Dramatical Holidays!" December 25, 2013 2.655
Never-before seen Christmas drama.

Critical Response[edit]Edit

Close to the beginning of the second season, the show was recognized for critical acclaim. The show was obviously not a 'huge success' at first. When season two premiered, Onivia had the highest views of any show that they have ever aired. Currently, AtZach gives the show 3/5, saying, "The show it still entertaining, but it is not as intriguing anymore. Sadly." The first season earned 1.386 million views, the second earned 2.621 million views, and the third earned 2.608 million views, 13 thousand less than the previous season.