"BIG Party" is a song from Aluma Irika's 21st studio album, Rehearsed. It was written in its entirety by Irika and produced by Irika and a new collaborator, Fat Denz. Its B-side is the popular single, "Metallic Skin". "BIG Party" features a hook performed by rapper, Fat Denz. The song was available for purchase along with its B-side.

Critical Reception Edit

"BIG Party" received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Most critics agreed that it was better than its B-side, "Metallic Skin", and it was a sign of maturity for Irika and production team.

Plagiarism Edit

On January 14, 2015, LeAnn Giambi and Devaud Antiguai announced publicly that they plans to sue Irika and Fat Denz for allegedly using the main verse of one of her unreleased songs, "We Gonna Go to a Party", without her permission. Irika has denied these claims, but has no comment in regards to this situation. If Giambi and Antiguai win, they would demand proper credit on the track for songwriting and producing, plus they would receive a portion of the song's sales, and album sales.